Kitchen Ecology Unit

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 Kitchen Ecology Unit

Kitchen Ecology Unit

Air Purification Equipment
  • Kitchen Ecology Unit
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  • Best choice for Exhaust ventilation in commercial & institutional kitchens.
  • Utilizes effective particulate and gaseous removal filters to have proven results.
  • Stable & effective for many years with very minimum Maintenance & Replacements.
  • Minimum 5 to 6 stages of effective filtration to have assured removal efficiency and performance:
    • Grease Filters to remove the excessive oil grease & Mist.
    • Pre-Filters to remove any bigger size particles down to 10micron.
    • Electrostatic Precipitators to have effective removal of very small particles like Smoke, Mist & Fumes.
    • After-Filters to have all the particles after ESP collected before entering carbon media.
    • Effective Gas Phase Media filters based on type of kitchen and pollutant loads, choices as below:
    • High Efficiency Final Filters before Exhaust fans to have all the dust and any escaping gas phase media due to abrasion dust.
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